Osteopathy 101: A Comprehensive Guide

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a non-invasive, complementary treatment that is used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments. It involves the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, joints, and tissues. Osteopathy is built upon the belief in the body’s innate self-healing mechanism. As such, osteopathic techniques focus on eliminating anatomical problems that hinder the physiological function so the self-healing mechanism can rehabilitate the individual. 

Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

What are the differences between these 3 specialities?

You are suffering from a back pain and decided to do a Google search. You see these 3 terms that seem to be similar but are actually different – let us break it down for you!

Although both osteopathic physicians and chiropractors can treat the back, they differ in their areas of focus. Chiropractors place emphasis on improving nerve function through realignment of the spine. On the other hand, osteopathic physicians aim to improve general well-being through the use of manipulation techniques on the body as a whole. This includes the musculoskeletal system and tissues. 

A physiotherapist can treat the back as well, but the area of focus is the musculoskeletal system, which treatments include active movement, exercise and therapy. In comparison, an osteopathic physician treat less muscle and tendon related problems than a physiotherapist.  Another key difference stems from the origins of both specialities, whereby physiotherapy aims to help people affected by injury while osteopathy aims to improve overall wellbeing.

How does osteopathy help relieve pain?

Osteopathy can provide pain relief for numerous conditions such as

Lower back pain
• Joint pain (knees, elbows etc)
Postural misalignment
Sports injuries

What can I expect from an osteopathy session?

Osteopathic sessions are one-on-one and are approximately 1 hour long. The osteopathic physician would first assess your condition/injury before treatment begins.

Treatments include the skilled manipulation of spine and joints, as well as massaging of soft tissues. They would also recommend rehabilitative exercises for you to do at home as well to improve recovery. The frequency of sessions depends on the severity of the condition/injury. 

How long does it take to get better after an osteopathy treatment?

Each individual’s body is different, which the duration varies for each person. On average, it takes between 6 to 8 weeks for full recovery.

There are some factors that could slow down the rate of recovery:

Extent of injury
• How long you have had the injury
Any strenuous activities that aggravate the injury

To improve the rate of recovery, you may consider:

Eating a healthy diet
• Having sufficient rest
Appropriate exercise

After all, osteopathy is concerned with improving the overall wellbeing. Leading a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and active living helps the body to recover faster and strengthen properly.

Osteopathy Clinics 


1. Osteopathy Health Care


Address: Anson – Core Collective, #21-01,  79 Anson Rd, Singapore 079906

Other outlets include:

• Dempsey – Core Collective, 27A, 30B/C, Loewen Rd, Singapore 248839
Lentor – 4 Countryside Link, Singapore 789927

Opening Hours:

Anson – Mon to Fri 8AM – 8PM | Sat 8AM – 2PM
• Dempsey – Mon to Fri 8AM – 8PM | Sat 8AM – 6PM | Sun 8AM – 4PM
Lentor – Mon to Sun 8AM – 8PM

Contact: +65 8790 9079

Click here to book an appointment.

2. Pain Relief Therapy


Address: 12 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-161 Singapore 059819

Opening Hours: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9AM – 7PM | Wed 10AM – 7PM | Sat to Sun 8.10AM – 3PM

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3. Osteopathic Treatment Centre

Address: 19 Tanglin Road #05-13/15 Tanglin Shopping Centre 247909

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9AM – 6PM | Sat 9AM – 1PM

Contact: +65 6734 6440

4. Edge Healthcare

Edge Healthcare

Address: 583 Orchard Road, #11-01, The Forum, 238884

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8AM – 8PM | Sat 8AM – 2PM

Contact: +65 6235 5488


5. The Osteopathic Centre

The Osteopathic Centre

Address: 20 Siglap Drive, #01-02 Bowmont Centre, Singapore 456192

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8.30AM – 5.30PM | Sat 8.30AM – 1PM

Contact: +65 6446 7236

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